What We're Looking At

  • Quality of Content
  • Engagement Value
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation
  • Social Media Utilization
  • Solid Branding Message
  • Consistency
  • Focus on Inclusivity and Diversity

Leveling Up That Matters

We believe that the grind to reach the milestones of platforms has had a negative impact on the broken state of the creator economy.

Once accepted to Stream on the Disko platform, creators will be given features that they are familiar with:

Currently, we do not have Raid or Host features in our plans.

Being considered for Partnership will come with meeting certain criteria

  • Consistent strong viewership
  • Quality & Entertaining Content
  • Strong Social Branding & Engagement
  • Professionalism

Our goal is to have a system than prevents the “gaming” and “farming” aspects that have de-valued other platforms.

Partnership With Meaning

Disko is loosely labeling this “Partnership” as we explore potentially more valuable branding

Once Partnership is Achieved: Our initial plans are to drastically elevate Partnered Channels/Content to a separate format for content dissemination, solely intended for mainstream markets and audiences.

While the content will also still live on our main hub of content, and within the content creation platform, Disko will build a separate outlet for Premier content that will house content from partnered creators, and partnered media brands.

This will allow for creators to grow and scale on a bigger market, providing more monetization opportunities, more profit opportunities, and more branding and advertising opportunities.

Disko is also exploring potential revenue/advertising share structures for each specific content brand on Disko.

From Channel to Media Brand

We believe that the true innovation in this space is helping creators transition their channel to a full media brand and media company as milestones are met, and ultimately surpassed.

The boost to Media Brand will give more business operation features and control for creators, so they can build a company team, manage revenue and expenses, and have access to real data that measures audience analytics and demographics, branding and engagement, and visibility within the Disko platforms as well as search markets in Google, Yahoo, Bing, globally and nationally.