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The Gamactica platform and mobile app is currently available, with many features in BETA, but the content creation and the Disko streaming platform extension will be available once we receive funding/investment.

If you’re an investor interested in investing in Gamactica, or wish to view our Pitch Deck, please email us:

[email protected]

COMING SOON: a digital pitch deck for Gamactica

Gamactica was founded in 2018 by Anthony DiMoro. 

DiMoro is the Founder & CEO, manages and runs the Gamactica platform.

Colby Costello is the Director of Operations and COO.

Gamactica is the parent company and main platform of Disko, which will be an extension of the Gamactica platform.


Gamactica is a no-cost to use platform with paid membership options. You must be 17+ years of age to create an account

Click Here to Start

If you apply to create content on Disko (when launched) we will reserve your username and tie it to your account on Gamactica

Gamactica has established sections to spotlight and connect women within the industries, Gamactica Women.

We also have built the foundation for a similar section dedicated to diversity on Gamactica Gravity