TheDisko.Social platform and mobile app is currently available, with many features in BETA, but the content creation.

We plan on announcing more details regarding a closed beta, and an eventual launch, sometime in 2024

If you’re an investor interested in investing in Disko, or wish to view our Pitch Deck, please email us:

[email protected]

COMING SOON: a digital pitch deck for Disko

Disko was founded by Anthony DiMoro who is the CEO of the company

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Disko is not competing with platforms such as Twitch, Kick, Trovo, or others within the live-streaming, video game streaming space.

Disko is completely unique, and our innovative approach and format allows our brand to stand in it’s own space within the content creation and entertainment landscape


Disko.Social is a no-cost to use platform with paid membership options. You must be 13+ years of age to create an account

In order to stream on Disko you must be 18 years of age

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No. Multistreaming paywalled content is not beneficial for the creators, streamers, brands or the platform. 

In order to view a stream a viewer must purchase a ticket to the event. Only a purchased ticket will allow you access.

Multistreaming would diminish the value of the event.

We will be starting with a 75/25 commission split. However, as we grow and continue development we will be rolling out additional revenue split structures to continue to support creators

We will be releasing a Growth & Success strategy regarding Disko in the future, as we surpass milestones related to growth and channels.

This will re-imagine what “Partner” with a focus on adding real value.

Gone are the days where view counts are the sole factor in determining success.

We aim to focus on quality, entertainment value, and ticket sales in addition to viewership and social metrics when evaluating any channel on Disko

Disko has established sections to spotlight and promote diversity within our social platform and within our platform’s communities


Chat will not be visible on live stream, but will remain a key component.

We believe it’s safer, more efficient, and offers a better viewer experience when chat is kept separate.

Each creator on Disko will have their own dedicated social hub (Group) on Disko equipped with a forum and a live feed to keep your fans engaged and chatting before, during and after a stream.

Creators can manage chat more efficiently and won’t have to worry about chat potentially impacting a live stream or a viewer’s experience, making your content more appealing to potential advertisers, business partners, and collaborators.

We want to ensure that view counts do not dictate viewership decisions for an audience. 

Creators will be able to see their live view counts, but viewers will not, allowing the creator to focus on a great streaming event and the viewer to focus on the entertainment 

Verification on Disko will be directly linked to Verification on Gamactica, meaning that you must be verified on Gamactica. Being verified on Gamactica means you’re verified on Disko.

Our approach to Verification is aimed at returning value and “prestige” to Verification. Therefore, we are mirroring much of the old Verification requirements that were in place at Twitter prior to the change of ownership

You can explore Verification here –> Click Here

Advertisements will be rolled out within a future Level (version/release) of Disko.

With that being said, we plan to give Creators a bit more control over ads so that they A. do not interrupt a stream abruptly, and B. open up a new revenue stream for creators. 

We are not positioning Disko as a competitor of Twitch or other popular live-streaming platforms.

However, we have given great consideration to this during our planning process regarding Disko and we are confident we have a sustainable model to allow us to grow, scale, and succeed.

Limiting streams to 3 hour durations not only benefits the creators and the audiences, but also helps us keep server utilization manageable.

Additionally, we are not positioned as a company that relies solely on streaming and/or advertising revenue to survive, as we are built on other structures of revenue.

With Disko and Gamactica being completely integrated, we believe this will go a long way in effective moderation and moderation control for creators and brand.

While we understand that there may always be the risk of toxicity and harassment, we feel that the collective platform elements will give creators and brands more moderation control and protection.

First, having live-streams only viewable to those who have purchased access (tickets) is one layer of protection.

Second, with our approach to Chat (being off-screen and within a Group), we feel this adds a more efficient layer of moderation, as brand owners and creators can remove problematic viewers from their communities easily. Additionally, Groups have a number of features that allow Creators to appoint members as Moderators or Co-Organizers so they can moderate your Group, and your Group’s social feed while you focus on content.

We will be onboarding a select number of creators for a closed beta in the future (testing purposes). We are capping this at a certain number of channels, that we determine will strike a balance between testing and efficiency.

If you’re interested in introducing your content/brand to Disko, please apply here

Upon request you can also start building your Group on Disko.Social, and bringing your audience over. This will be a powerful resource for you, regardless where you stream, in building a social media hub for your brand and content – all in one place

Assuming you do not conflict with our Guidelines your application will be saved for consideration in the future. This could result in you being onboarded during the next Level release, or a future Level release.

You will also, eventually, have the option of the Voucher system on Disko (when released) – Explore Vouchers here

In order to improve your chances of being onboarded quicker – we encourage you to establish your brand on Disko and start building your following and community. This will give you a head start on potential onboarding as you will already have brand value on our platform.

At this time you can utilize the Disko.Social mobile app and website

As we continue our development we will be optimizing the Disko and Disko.Social

A lot of our development will rely on the growth of our platform, business, and the success of our fundraise and investment missions.

Funding will expedite these efforts, so we encourage you to help spread the word about Disko and get involved in helping fuel our future if you can.

Assuming you do not conflict with our Guidelines, we will likely allow Disko Premier Members first access to any of our future releases.

Premier is a great way, regardless if you stream on Disko or stream at all, to receive award-winning SEO benefits –> Explore Premier