For the past decade gaming live streams have been a major pillar when it comes to live streaming platforms. We have seen major investments in the industry from Amazon, who own the popular Twitch platform, Microsoft, who owned the Mixer platform up until it’s shutdown, and even Meta, who acquired Mixer as a part of their Facebook Gaming initiatives, and there is no slowing down.

However, where many big corporate entities have laid their claim in the video game streaming space, not all have found success, and a number of competitors have popped up, with varying degrees of success, to try and innovate the industry. Just take a look at the growth of Twitch over a ten-year period:

Year Active Channels
2022 9.9 Million
2021 9 Million
2020 6.9 Million
2019 3.6 Million
2018 3.3 Million
2017 2 Million
2016 1.8 Million
2015 1.7 Million
2014 1.5 Million
2013 0.9 Million
2012 0.3 Million


And here are some of the viewership numbers:

Year Concurrent Viewers
2022 2.5 Million
2021 2.84 Million
2020 2.12 Million
2019 1.26 Million
2018 1 Million
2017 .074 Million
2016 0.6 Million
2015 0.53 Million
2014 0.35 Million
2013 0.2 Million
2012 0.1 Million


According to¬†Investopedia, Amazon’s Twitch is worth approximately $3.79 billion, nearly four times the amount that it was purchased in 2014, showing just how popular gaming content on a live-streaming platform can be.

Here is a deeper dive into the analytics of Twitch, the best example of live-streaming to date, according to BusinessofApps:

  • Twitch made an estimated $2.8 billion revenue in 2022
  • In 2022, Twitch had an average of 2.58 million concurrent viewers
  • 7.6 million Twitch users stream on the platform once a month
  • 22.4 billion hours of content was consumed on the platform in 2022

Despite the impressive numbers, there have been struggles for Amazon when it comes to profiting off of Twitch consistently and reaching a bigger market, outside of the niche gaming audience bubble.

Where Twitch, Meta, Microsoft, and others have experienced their issues with live gaming streams, sometimes ending up in a complete shutdown of the initiative and/or an immense scale back of the their efforts, Disko aims to innovate the entire experience, from creator to viewer.

Disko is entering the game with a revolutionary approach to how gaming, content, and live-streaming can come together for a truly immersive, interactive, and innovative experience the industry has never seen.

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