Disko is a place where people around the world come together to socialize, connect, network, discover content, creator content, and more. It’s a place to make friends, build communities, and create. The safety and wellbeing of our community is a priority, and we have developed standards accordingly for what is and isn’t allowed on Disko or the Gamactica platform. Our platform is home to a diverse audience, and we take great care to account for the viewpoints of people from all different backgrounds in these standards.

These standards are based on globally-accepted guidelines meant to celebrate freedom of expression while also acknowledging that people may perceive content differently than originally intended based on their own beliefs, cultures, and experiences. If the intention of content is unclear and could be interpreted in a harmful or hurtful way, it may be subject to removal by our Trust & Safety team.

If you see something, say something, and let us know if you feel it violates our terms or guidelines. We encourage our community to take action and report questionable content to our dedicated staff. Violations of our community standards may result in the removal of content, account suspension or a permanent ban. All reports are manually reviewed, and it is at the sole discretion of Disko staff to take any action necessary to ensure the safety of our community. User details such as names, bios and social links may also be moderated at the discretion of our staff at any time. Repeated violations or attempts to circumvent enforcement in any way may result in a suspension or platform ban.

You can reach our Guidelines team anytime by submitting a request at our Support section and/or by joining our Support Group on Gamactica

Harassment, Hate Speech, Conduct, Bullying

We have a zero tolerance policy against harassment, hate speech and bullying.

  • We define hate speech as any personal attack based on factors such as age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and ability.
  • We define harassment as any behavior seeking to harm, intimidate, threaten or ridicule, or otherwise cause a person to feel attacked, uncomfortable, scared, or threatened.
  • We reserve the right to immediately suspend and/or terminate any and all agreements, contracts, and/or relationships with any creators or brands on our platform that engage in conduct/behavior that violate our guidelines.

What might be considered as harassment, hate speech or bullying:

  • Stalking, over-commenting, or ignored requests to end interaction.
  • Harassing, bullying, or hateful conduct within Direct messaging
  • Expressing threats or intent to cause someone harm physically or emotionally.
  • Creating or assembling multiple accounts for the purpose of targeting an individual or group in any way.
  • Falsely reporting users or their content.
  • Deliberate, malicious attempts to damage or inflict harm

NOTE: we reserve the right to consider behavior and conduct in public and on other social media platforms.

Examples of offsite misconduct:

  • Targeted attacks on individuals or groups with the intention of harm.
  • Encouraging others to violate Gamactica or Disko’s Terms of Service or Community Standards.
  • Affiliation with a known hate group

Prohibited Content

  • Livestreaming while driving or operating heavy machinery.
  • Pranks that may provoke dangerous or violent situations, or result in emotional distress.
  • Satirical content that may be dangerously mistaken for the truth, such as fake home remedies or product reviews.
  • Imagery of accidents, injury, or death, or otherwise shocking or disturbing material.
  • Imagery of invasive medical procedures (that violate our guidelines)
  • Animal abuse in any form (outside of hunting-related content).
  • Any content suggesting the intent of violence or self harm
  • Content infringing on copyrighted content
  • Promotion of paid sexual encounters, both online and offline.
  • The promotion of unproven medicinal remedies or health tips.
  • Claims that could emotionally manipulate others or incite harmful acts.
  • Conspiracy theories or false narratives of historical events.
  • Information leveraged to incite fear or reactionary responses.
  • Content deemed to promote scams
  • Misrepresenting your content from your titles, descriptions, designations, messages, or posts in order to attract more viewers or gain popularity.
  • Sharing content for the sole purpose of driving viewers offsite, such as for the promotion or advertisement of third-party goods or services.
  • Promising money or other rewards through audience engagement.
  • Impersonation of any individual or entity that you are not authorized to represent, such as the use of someone’s real name, username, image, brand to trick others.
  • Excessive alcohol or drug consumption.
  • Promotion, sale, or other distribution of illegal drugs or substances.
  • Content showing, instructing, or promoting self-harm.
  • The promotion of substances to cause pain or suffering.
  • The promotion of activities or challenges that could result in self-harm (If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of self-harm, we encourage you to call 1-800-273-8255 to reach counselors at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can also text 741-741 to reach a counselor through Crisis Text Line.)
  • Promoting harmful or controversial information, such as conspiracies or half-truths, that could lead to the endangerment of any individual, entity, or group.
  • The promotion of violence or exclusion of any group.
  • Praise or promotion of any known terrorist or hate groups.
  • The use of symbols or other signs of any terrorist groups, gangs, or criminal organizations in a non-educational way.
  • Radicalization, propaganda, training or recruitment materials related to extremist organizations.
  • Livestreaming content you do not have the right to share (including events, concerts and sports games).
  • Broadcasting recorded works such as TV shows or films without explicit permission from the rights holder, besides certain instances of Fair Use.
  • Games such as 3DXChat, Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3, Artificial Academy 1 & 2, Battle R*pe, BMX XXX, Cobra Club, Criminal Girls, Cuckold Simulator, Dramatical Murder, Ethnic Cleansing, Genital Jousting, Grezzo 1 & 2, Harem Party, House Party, HunieCam Studio, HuniePop 1 & 2, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Negligee, P*rno Studio Tycoon, Purin to Ohuro, Purino Party, Radiator 2, R*peLay, Rinse and Repeat, Sakura Angels, Sakura Beach 1 & 2, Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Santa, Sakura Spirit, Sakura Swim Club, Suck My D*ck or Die!, The Guy Game, The Maiden R*pe Assault: Violent Semen Inferno, What’s under your blanket!?, Witch Trainer, Yandere Simulator.

Personal Privacy

Disko believes everyone has the right to privacy, even online and is why we do not tolerate the unauthorized sharing of personal information on the platform. Personal information or documentation should never be shared without the explicit permission of the owner, and we encourage users to report any violations of a user’s privacy to our staff. We ask our community to be conscious of where and how they share any personal information on the platform in order to help maintain the safety of our community.

What might be considered as personal information:

  • One’s full legal name, official identification documents, or employment information, even if publicly accessible.
  • Other identifying information such as location, addresses, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Financial or health-related information.
  • Instances of user’s presence or membership on other websites, platforms, or groups.
  • Unauthorized images of any individual or their personal life.


All platform users must be 13 years of age or older to watch content on Disko. Creators must be 18 years of age to create content/stream on Disko. Gamactica social media members must be 13 years of age to create a profile. While we allow the incidental presence of persons under 13 in livestreams, an adult must be present at all times during the stream, and children may never act as the sole host or persona in a livestream.