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Disko (powered by Gamactica) aims to provide a monetization structure that leans into industry standards, but prioritizes the value of a strong and positive platform-creator relationship

  • 90/10 Revenue Split
  • Ad Revenue Sharing
  • PPV Live-Content Option
  • Paywall Exclusive Content 
  • Web3 Element Options
  • Subscription Tier(s)
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A Look At

How To Monetize


Monetization Pathways

Subscription Tiers

Creators will be able to offer 1-2 Subscription Tiers, each with a different set price. At this time, we see this as being similar to the industry standards in terms of features from tier-to-tier, and are currently planning a 90/10 split, regardless of tier. We are also exploring variation offerings for splits, and a method to allow smaller creators to have access to creating on Disko.

Pay-Per-View Live Streams & Events

Pay-Per-View events have been a staple of the entertainment industry for years and Gamactica believes that the natural integration of such within the content creator and live-streaming space will help us diversify the creator economy.

This will allow creators to schedule and sell virtual tickets to special planned events that will be live-streamed, or a live premier of scheduled content (films, shows, podcasts, etc)

Exclusive Content (Paywall)

Private Content has become a solid revenue stream for many creators, and we want to offer the same to creators on Gamactica/Disko. This will help increase revenue for creators, as having this option (along with others) under one digital roof will make it easier for a potential customer to purchase, as they will not have to go to another platform, or download another app, to access Paywalled content.

Web3 Options

We believe that there are viable pathways for Web3 to exist in the content creator and streaming industry, but the key is providing a choice, so creators can choose how much they want to get involved, or if they want nothing to do with it.

Gamactica has plans to incorporate optional Web3 elements in currency, NFTs, and gaming as well, that will revolutionize the creator economy.


Gamactica plans to put more of Advertising into the control of the creator with Disko, allowing them to organize and schedule their custom ads, in addition to the ads that the platform runs. For our “Partnered” Content/Creators, we are exploring an advertising revenue sharing element.