Content Creation & Live-Streaming

Disko plans to offer all aspects of content creation, and seamlessly integrate them on one platform. Live-Streaming, Video on Demand, and Short-Form content will be the pillars of our content creation platform Disko which will also roll out a content format for special events, and for premier content offerings (sporting events, esports, special events, peformances).

Disko will also integrate a library of podcasts from across the industry, as well as Premium Content that can be unlocked based on a Creator/Brands specific preferences.

Disko is the Netflix/Hulu of the Content Creation Industry

  • Mainstream Market Viability

  • Optimized Networking

  • Quality Content Offerings

  • Social Media Integrations

  • True Discoverability Elements

  • Creator Scale & Growth


Discoverability & Visibility

Disko has already established a variety of different search engines and directories within our current platform. Each being niche and industry specific, and allowing for deeper search and discoverability within a specific content type, brand, or creator channel.

This is at the core of what we are building with Disko

Within the Platform: With our award-winning structure in Internet Marketing, and more importantly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we will craft a deeply intuitive search engine that will allow a user to craft the experience they want whenever searching for specific content, streams, etc. This will provide creators, and their content, a higher opportunity to convert potential traffic to their channels/content into viewers, subscribers, etc.

Outside of the Platform: Platforms have struggled immensely with creating visibility for content and creators outside of the platform, this is where our Search Engines and relative Search Engine Optimization (SEO), comes in. SEO also allows us to build visibility and presence within markets in other countries, outside of the United States, from around the world, and position various areas and sections of our platform in their targeted niche and online market. This provides potential global visibility and branding for creators around the world that they may have never been afforded otherwise.

Furthermore, SEO allows us to create visibility for our creators/sections in specific search markets. Essentially, someone searching for horror content will be lead to our horror content section where they can further narrow their search to discover the content and creators they would be most likely interested in. This drastically elevates retention, profitability, and growth potential.

Many of our sections have a built in feedback and rating system to help audiences further connect and discover the content they like, and help businesses, brands, and potential partners find others they want to work with.

Creator Success (Growth & Scale)

For far too long, creators have chased platform goals to reach milestones that, often times, offer nothing more than a few aesthetic perks, and perhaps a revenue cut that is more enticing, but opportunity and success opportunities often stay the same.

Disko is completely re-vamping the current structure, and we aim to not only provide Creators and Brands tools and resources for growth, but also give them a business platform to build their own company.

Disko sees Creators as businesses, as companies, and thus we want to help not only facilitate growth (outside of viewership) but also give you tools to both build, manage, and operate your company. The platform will offer management, financial, and marketing tools that have been crafted for the specific needs of the industry, while incorporating what Disko offers.

Brand Value: Disko believes that any creator on our platform, regardless is they utilize our content creation features or not, can benefit from the tools and resources the Disko a platform provides. Our belief is that these tools can help build brand value, which will make your brand more valuable, more appealing to investors, and potentially impact profitability.

Creators, to this point, have only been able to monetize based off of limited metrics, such as view numbers, but we want to position and optimize other aspects

The Power Of Variety

Platforms such as Twitch have been pidgeon-holed into being primarily gaming content. As Mixer has seen, this is problematic for growth, and can negatively impact profit, and why Disko is not going to compete in the spaces occupied by Twitch/Mixer/Kick/Trovo/Rumble.

We aim to cater to a variety of content niches, including gaming, which will allow us to build a platform that appeals to both creators from these industries, but also their audiences.

Building offering variety, this will be a major benefit for the creators, brands, and businesses on Disko

This allows for cross-interest exposure, deepening audience building, more mainstream market potential, more business and collaborative opportunities, and more advertising and sponsorship potential.

The Social Media Element

Social Media has been a pillar of content creation, but for some reason content creation platforms have failed to deliver a true social media experience. 

Disko aims to integrate social media, and their popular features, into our platform experience. We aim to build #hashtag trends, allow for Groups (Business Pages), among many other aspects, some of which already exist within Disko.

As much as the Content Algorithm is vital to our strategy, equally as important is a Social Algorithm, where we can build an experience that is equally appealing to audiences and fans.

Additionally, we aim to have a platform that is inclusive, diverse, and will be for members only 17 years of age or older (this applies to profile creation on the platform)

However, the non-social Content (live-streaming, VODs, Short Form, Podcasts) will be accessible by everyone.

Mainstream Market

Some of the struggles experienced by a number of  platforms, and some content creation platforms, has been the ability to not only penetrate mainstream markets and audiences, but prove viability within them.

Specifically, streaming platforms have been unable to be included in the normal content and entertainment consumption habits of audiences.

Disko aims to deliver an experience in live, on demand, and variety content that will not only appeal to mainstream audiences, but prove to be viable.

The presentation of our platform will be two-fold – in one aspect it will be similar to the experience that many have when viewing Twitch or YouTube, but the other aspect allows our platform a variation to present our Premier content in a format and experience that coincides with the content-streaming experience on a television.

This allows us to not only appeal to more mainstream audiences, but also position or content offerings, and creators, in a more viable & traditional presentation.

The Media Ingredient

Disko is creating a new entertainment and content creation experience for audiences, brands, and creators. Traditional Media Modernized for the Content Creation & Entertainment culture of today

A part of the Disko platform is our various media outlets, many of which are syndicated and authorattive presences within their respective online media markets.

This includes Sports, Fashion, Gaming, Web3, Film/Television, Movies, Music, Business, and more, with each positioned to providew news and insight for those market audiences, but also gain visibility within those markets.

This provides us the opportunity to scale our content and creators by providing them another way to generate targeted niche visibility, while also providing our platform audience another reason to stay, and engage, on the Disko platform.

Since our platform will provide a social, content, and news/media experience, among others, once content is consumed, or a post is made, people have more reasons to use and explore our platform.

Among the top of our plans is building a media network exclusively for the content, creators, and brands utilizing Disko, and a part of Disko, think of it like an ESPN or TVGuide for all things Disko, creating further engagement, branding value, and mainstream opportunities for the platform, and our brands and creators.