Reality television is one of the biggest drivers of popularity, viewership, and subscribers to live streaming platforms, and Disko certainly cannot ignore that. Although, we want to do it a bit differently.

IRL streams have become a big part of streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and others, and we believe that the IRL live streaming niche is just scratching the surface on both it’s popularity and it’s viability. IRL is defined as In Real Life. IRL (In Real Life) and is a specific form of content streaming that is a live stream where the content creator shares their everyday life with their audience.

Twitch has already seen just how big IRL streaming can be, with Just Chatting being a dominant category among all categories of their content.

So when it comes to reality live streams, aka IRL streams, Disko aims to innovate and create the ultimate creator and viewers experience!

Disko is ready to get real!