Disko is ready to watch sports, and we want you to join us!

Live Sports streaming is one of the most popular aspects of the streaming industry and it generates so much content and revenue for fans around the world. Let’s take a look at Think with Google, for example, who (as of the date of this page) says that 30% of sports fans stream live sports on either their smartphone or their tablet.

According to Nielsen Fan Insights in October 2022, 80% of sports fans, 76% of NFL fans and 89% of soccer/futbol fans have regularly or sometimes watched sports on any streaming or online channel during that year, showing the immense growth of demand of live sports streaming.

Disko plans to cater to the sports fan, and it won’t stop at the most popular sports named above. Disko is also diving into live Esports streams as well as Esports streams as a whole, giving you premier access to the esports content you love.

Just so you know just how popular Esports is, according to VentureBeat there are an estimated 234 million esports enthusiasts and the entire esports audience has grown, on a year-to-year scale, between 2019 to 2021. That time period saw 2019 clock an estimated 197 million esports enthusiasts and grow to 234 million esports enthusiasts, demonstrating just how popular Esports is.

Disko is ready to get in the game!