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Tools & Resources


Providing Value Impact Tools & Resources

Helping the creators and brands that are creating original content on our platform is key to our success strategy. We believe that it is important in helping creators scale efficiently, and is a "win-win" for the platform and the creator.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • In-Platform Advertising
  • Audience Data & Analytics
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Business Operation Tools
  • An Innovative Dashboard
A Look At

The Business Of Content


Empowering Brands & Creators

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gamactica is already offering Gamactica Premier, which is intended to offer benefits of award-winning Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at an affordable rate to brands and creators, so that they can boost their branding, as well as their visibility and discoverability within the online marketplace.

Internet Marketing and SEO can come with costs that make it difficult for creators, brands, and businesses to implement on a long-term scale, despite the critical importance of marketing.

While we offer enterprise Marketing Services, we are planning on offer additional tiers of Premier, to offer more benefits at affordable rates. 

The importance of SEO and Internet Marketing cannot be understated, which is why Gamactica has made it a cornerstone of our platform, and why we urge creators to explore these options, and how it can positively impact their brand.


Online Reputation & Branding

Premier also helps in optimizing online reputation and branding.

Building brand value, and market visibility outside of platforms, is key in becoming more valuable to businesses, brands, and potential advertisers, and can help scale your brand into a revenue diverse business

We have a built in search engine related to each niche and industry, and some with a Yelp-like feedback system that will allow your audience to speak about their experience, and will show the highlights of your brand and content.

Advertising on Disko

Creating your own ads on the Disko platform can help you market your content, your brand, and build your social presence on our platform while reaching a target audience.

Analytics Dashboard

It’s time to dive beyond base viewership numbers.

Gamactica plans a dashboard that will provide deeper analytics and data related to audience trends, behaviors, and interests, including those related to the content you create on Disko.

Additionally, tiers of Premier will include expansions of the Dashboard, and will include analytics and data related to your visibility in online search markets such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing nationally, and globally, so you can hone in on the best strategies to build, grow, and scale your brand.

Social Media

No longer will you have to build a social media brand outside of where you house your content.

Gamactica will naturally integrate social media and content creation, allowing audiences and brands/creators to connect more fluidly, without having to go to several other platforms to do so, and will be perfectly integrated within the Disko platform.

This approach will cut down on the fluff, and provide more value to engagement, while increasing retention and engagement value.

Mainstream Market & Networking

Let’s face it, the issues most platforms has faced is that they have been able to properly penetrate and creator value in the mainstream markets.

Another issue that platforms such as Twitch and the now-defunct Mixer face(d) is that their audiences were almost entirely made up of other streamers. This anchored down viewership value, allowed for gaming of the system to reach milestones, and negatively impacted the value of advertising.

How do we fix it?

We aren’t leaning into gaming content creators primarily. In fact, we are leaning into a variety of niches, gaming included, including Sports, Fashion, Esports, Horror/Paranormal, Movies, Film, Music, Web3, Shopping, Podcasts, Fitness, Vtube, Cosplay, ASMR, Cooking, Animals/Pets, Indie Work, and more.

This approach provides two immediate benefits and opportunities

Market Diversity: with these niches bringing in their own audiences who are likely to explore and connect with other audiences, content, and creators

Optimized Networking: a chance for brands and creators to build and foster networking connections within and outside of their industry

MEdia Coverage & Public Relations

Gamactica owns and operatea a number of digital media outlets, each being optimized specifically for their target markets and audiences.

We plan to offer both media coverage, and public relations (articles, interviews, features), to our creators so that they can market to a wider audience, build a valuable online brand, and scale their business and marketing.