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Level One Closed Beta

As we continue through each level of development, we will onboard a select number of creators to stream and test some elements of the Disko platform when available


Apply for a Chance to Join Disko During Each Level of Development

As we continue to build and develop Disko, we will accept applications from interested brands/creators to be onboarded. Each Level will onboard a new batch of creators who have been approved during our application process. 

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Current Level

Only those who meet our guidelines and requirements, and are approved, will be entered into the onboarding level pool


Start Building

Get started on building your community and your own social media platform for your brand. Apply for approval for your own Group/Community on Disko.Social and offer your audience the ultimate social and engagement experience.

Groups are free to have and use, and structured to give you unrivaled branding power to take your brand to the next level.