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Podcasts & Audio Shows

Podcasts, Radio Shows, and other Audio Shows, such as ASMR, now have a new way to deliver content and generate revenue for their premier shows. Not only can you bring your brand to the next level with a dedicated social media hub for your audience, but our built-in SEO will help your show’s overall potential reach

Only those who meet our guidelines and requirements, and are approved, will be entered into the onboarding level pool


Why You Should Disko


Social + Content

Keep your social media and content creation all in one place. With Disko you have the ultimate platform to build your brand


Fuel Your Success

Our award-winning Internet Marketing & SEO is the heartbeat of our platform and a major component of the on-and-off platform visibility and discoverability


Expand Revenue

With our innovative format, you can offer more to your fans. Stream special podcast interviews, shows, and more. Fuel your future

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Do More With Disko

Thanks to the integration of Disko.Social, Radio Shows, Podcasts and Audio Show Hosts/Artists now have a social media platform to utilize that allows them tools and resources to grow, increases visibility and discoverability, allows them to build an amazing social media hub for their fans, and provides them numerous networking pathways to collaborate, network and more.

Find creators to help market your shows. Connect with News & Media for coverage. Collaborate with other Musicians and Artists. Connect with Podcasts and Radio Shows for interviews and more. 

As our platforms grow, so will the incredible potential of what you can do on Disko.