How We Are


Industry Innovations

Disko will be tackling some of the long-standing issues for platforms, streamers and businesses and building an innovative social and content space that thrives


A Strategy for Winning

Many platforms have come and gone over the years but Disko has an intuitive strategy to ensure our platform is sustainable and approaches the common issues that have plagued the industry, platforms, and the creator economy.

Modernizing & Innovating Entertainment and Content Creation

Promoting Creativity



Our Approach

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Guidelines & Culture

We have guidelines to help ensure that our platform remains in position for success, growth, and viability in a mainstream market. They are in place to help prevent conduct and content that may negatively impact the business of other creators and help us onboard the creators who align with our vision

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Creativity & Success

By limiting streaming events to 3 hours, creators can focus on bringing the best events to life on Disko and provide the potential for better monetization, per hour/stream, for creators. This helps limit our server costs so we can grow, scale, and succeed.

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Disko helps create additional monetization pathways for brands via their Communities (Groups), Social Media and our future features. We also make it easier for businesses to find, hire, and work with creators with our search engines and marketplace

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We stand alone as a leading platform that is fueled by award-winning Internet Marketing + SEO, and are the only industry agency combining traditional and modern marketing specific for these spaces. We are the only platform merging social media, content creation, and search engines and a platform that believe discoverability & visibility off-platform is vital to our success, and the success of those who create content on Disko. Via our marketing efforts we have successfully generated visibility outside of our platform, in various niches/industries, nationally and globally.

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Content Diversity

Disko will be a content platform to find all forms of entertainment. Sports, Gaming, Movies, Podcasts, and Shows across a range of categories will help us build an eclectic audience. This will creators and brands to attract new fans, foster new collaborations and partnerships, and help boost us to mainstream audiences around the world. Our strategy will tackle the longstanding issue that other platforms have where their audiences are mostly made up of other creators.


The Issues Anchoring Success

Our strategy includes tackling some of the long-standing issues that creators and brands face in the streaming industry. We believe that many components of our approach will help alleviate issues and foster greater success.

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Viewbotting has been an issue that has plagued the industry and platforms, devaluing viewership. By implementing our PPV streaming structure only those who have purchased or own a ticket to your event can attend. This immensely increases the value of your viewership, brand, content and community.

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The Grind

We are eliminating the days of grinding for milestones that have long been associated with burnout, quality of content, and have often impacted mental health. Now, you can focus on creating the best content possible and ensuring your events are as popular, successful, and lucrative as possible.

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Disko is combining social media and content creation, meaning your audience can continue to engage with you long after your event ends. This also allows creators to keep their community all in one place, instead of having their community/audience spread out across several different apps. Easier for the audience and more efficient for the Creator

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Variety + Opportunity

Platforms such as Twitch and Kick are almost entirely composed of gaming streams, with much of the front page content, and the platforms (almost entirely geared for streamers) looking identical. Variety content offerings are what are most appealing to audiences, and can help your brand/content reach the next level of success. As our platform grows we will continue to stand out, and be a hub for content of all audiences and creators looking for innovation We are NOT competing with Twitch and other video game streaming platforms

More on the Horizon

We Are Just Getting Started

We have extensive plans for Disko, including new features and further innovations as we grow and scale. This also includes further development of Gamactica. Welcome to the ground floor of the future of social media and content creation.