Disko for
Streamers & Gaming

while we are not competing with Twitch/Kick and/or other similar platforms, we have carved out a space for the video game content creators, brands, and streamers who are producing some of the most engaging, popular, and entertaining content today.


Finally, Innovation

A number of platforms have entered the live-streaming space over the last decade to try and take the top spot among streaming platforms. Unfortunately, a number of the same issues that have plagued the industry, platforms, and creators continue to exist keeping the industry stuck in the same place. Disko is the innovation that the industry needs.

Only those who meet our guidelines and requirements, and are approved, will be entered into the onboarding level pool


Why You Should Disko


Social + Content

Keep your social media and content creation all in one place. With Disko you have the ultimate platform to build your brand


Fuel Your Success

Our award-winning Internet Marketing & SEO is the heartbeat of our platform and a major component of the on-and-off platform visibility and discoverability


Expand Revenue

With our innovative entertainment format, Social Media components, and Groups for your Community, you can offer more to your fans.

Striving For Better

Explore our approach to tackling some of the long-standing issues and problems that have been plaguing the industry for years and anchoring the success of creators, streamers, and the platforms they stream on

We Are Innovation. Not Competition

stream anywhere you want in addition to Disko. We believe we stand alone and therefore aren’t directly competing with the likes of Twitch, Kick, Trovo, Rumble, or others


All In One

We are building a much needed innovation that brings social media, content creation, live streaming, and search engines all under one roof for a revolutionary platform for creators, brands, and audiences. We provide you with opportunities to collaborate, network and cross-over with other industries and niches, taking your brand to the next level


Mainstream Focus

As we scale our platform we will be adding key elements of our strategy that will help bring Disko to the mainstream entertainment market making it a platform for all audiences, not just gamers and other streamers. Our emphasis on quality and creative content will allow us to stand out and become the next big platform for content, streaming, and social media


An Industry Re-Imagined

Not only do our guidelines and TOS require a different approach, but we have extensive plans to re-imagine monetization, and growth on our platforms. We believe that "Partner" and "Affiliate" have lost value and we plan to completely revamp the Creator Growth Journey with more logical milestones that come with elevating your brand bigger heights.

Are You

Ready to Disko?

Do More With Disko

Thanks to the integration of Disko.Social, Streamers and Gamers now have a social media platform to utilize that allows them tools and resources to grow, increases visibility and discoverability, allows them to build an amazing social media hub for their fans, and provides them numerous networking pathways to collaborate, network and more.

Find creators to help market your music. Connect with News & Media for coverage. Collaborate with other Musicians and Artists. Connect with Podcasts and Radio Shows for interviews and more. 

As our platforms grow, so will the incredible potential of what you can do on Disko.