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Merging social media, content creation, discoverability, award-winning marketing and proven mainstream entertainment strategies

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The only platform deploying award-winning internet marketing and SEO solutions for visibility and discoverability on and off platform

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Our long-term vision is to create a platform that stands alone and becomes the next popular choice for content, social, and entertainment


Premier PPV & Live Events from your favorite Creators and Brands

Purchase digital tickets to events from your favorite creators and brands and explore a variety of premier content across Disko.

Initial Release (Level 1) Currently Scheduled for: November 2023

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How Disko
Innovates the Industry

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Schedule live-stream events. Sell digital tickets to fans. Build a valuable channel that can thrive in a traditional entertainment format.

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Disko + Gamactica provide unrivaled marketing benefits that give creators and brands visibility on and off our platforms, nationally and globally

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Seamlessly merging social media, content creation, and search for a revolutionary experience for creators, brands, fans, and audiences

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Events and Live-Streams across various niches, industries, cities and countries allow creators and brands to tools to grow and appeal to a mainstream audience

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We have numerous plans to cut down on the grind, maximize revenue potential, create successful collaborations and expand the world of content, entertainment, and social

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Earn more revenue and cut down on the grind with our PPV ticket structure and future monetization plans structured to re-imagine the creator economy

We are

Innovating Entertainment &
Audience Engagement


Join us on the ground floor of an incredible journey towards innovating and re-imagining content creation, social media, monetization, and entertainment. As we continue to scale we will be announcing new features and rolling our more information regarding our Big Picture plans.

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Channel During Level 1

We are onboarding a select number of channels for the first phase of Disko. During each Level we will onboard a certain number of channels.

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We are very confident in our sustainability as we grow to new heights, but funding will be key in bringing new features to life. Check here to participate in our fundraise and support our initiative.

John Mizuk

Creative Director

Marvelon Mizuk

Creative Director

Corey Anderson

President & CEO

Jullia Siger

Product Designer

Pull Maradona

Digital Producer

Zingzian Zizu

Principal Advisor
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Regardless of where you stream or create content, secure your username on Gamactica, which is integrated with Disko, and explore a new world of social media, content discovery, and networking.