• October 24, 2023
  • Anthony DiMoro
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Thank you for joining us on our journey to innovate and re-imagine the content creation and live-streaming industries.

This is the very first step in bringing Disko to life, and our team is excited to see what the future holds. As we await the official launch of Level 1 of Disko I felt it was important to release an initial announcement to introduce you to what Disko will be (at least initially) and how we aim to disrupt.

As you will quickly realize, we are not directly competing with the likes of Twitch, Kick, Trovo, or others – we wholeheartedly believe we present a completely different platform, one with a big vision to be immersed in social media, content creation and mainstream entertainment once fully developed.

Naturally, we are a bootstrapped operation, so the speed of our progress in development will come with a combination of success and potential funding, which we will be formally announcing around the time of Level 1’s launch.

We have very extensive plans for numerous features, which will be released as we grow Disko/Gamactica and are able to fund that process, and I am extremely excited to introduce these innovations to you, and the world

Our plan and strategy will be very unique, and we are hopeful that we can help address a number of issues that have plagued the industry and the creator economy. We understand that Disko may not be a fit for everyone, but we welcome every creator to socialize on Gamactica, regardless of where you create content, or if you stream at all.

Thank you for sticking with our journey at Gamactica, and for being a part of the Disko story.

Be on the lookout for merch and more updates in the near future

See you on Gamactica and Disko!

– Anthony DiMoro
Founder Disko
CEO Gamactica


Anthony DiMoro

Founder and CEO of Disko